Monday, April 13, 2015

Session One

Adventure Notes


Cad Rassendyll (Kevin) – Rogue from Ardis, Ustalav; student at Lepidstadt University
Cain Coh (Nathan) – Sorcerer; desert wanderer

Maligar Brightmoon (Charlie) – Magus from Greengold, Kyonin; student at Lepidstadt University

Dorvall Uptal (Patrick) – Ranger from Kassen, Nirmathas; crusader of Lastwall

Brother Nesphebius (Brad) – Cleric of Pharasma from Ustalav; student at Lepidstadt University

Cad, Maligar, and Brother Nesphebius were summoned from their studies at Lepidstadt University to attend the funeral of Professor Petros Lorrimor in Ravengro.  On the road, outside the walled city of Tamrivena, they met Cain and later Dorvall, an old friend of Maligar, on the way to the same funeral.  They travelled with Xuij Hak Leyng, a mysterious old immigrant from Tian that they met at the university.

Chapter 1: The Haunting of Harrowstone
The Funeral
Late for the funeral, the party met the professor’s daughter, Kendra Lorrimor, and spoke a few words at the memorial.  While carrying the casket, the procession was met by a group of rabblerousing townsfolk.  When they attacked, Cad knocked one unconscious, and Tuij scared off the rest by consuming a potion of growth. 

The Will
At Kendra’s home, the will was read by a town councilman and tasked the party with returning a crate of tomes back to Lepidstadt after exactly one month.  One tome was actually a journal that described the professor’s fears that an evil was rising in a burnt out prison, Harrowstone, that would soon threaten the town of Ravengro itself.  That evil was associated with a cabal called The Whispering Way, an order that is pledged to The Whispering Tyrant, Tar Baphon.

A second tome was a Manual of the Order of the Palatinate, which was locked.  The other three tomes were entitled Serving Your Hunger, The Umbral Leaves, and On Verified Madness, which the party decided to study over the course of the month they would spend in Ravengro.

The Graveyard
The professor’s journal mentioned a cache of supplies hidden in an unused grave.  The party found the mausoleum unlocked.  After killing the encroaching wildlife (two giant centipedes) they divided up the items, which included silver and magic arrows, magic scrolls, magic potions, sunrods, and haunt siphons – tools to fight the undead.






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